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The issues of society archaization and neotraditionalism has gained paramount importance in Russian social science at the end of 20th century. The society started to change and the science was freed from ideological dictate. Mainly studies on concepts of archaization and neotraditionalism had been carried on separately.


Concepts of archaization


The main list of works about archaization can be classified according to scientific disciplines: historical, economical, culturological, sociopolitical (A.S. Akhiezer). Archaization in economy of the country found its reflect in works of economists (A.G. Vishnevskiy, A.N. Volskiy, O.V. Nechiporenko, U.G. Nikolaeva, et al.), activities of Russian political elites rang up number of studies by the politologists about political archaization (V.A. Achkasov, O.V. Kryshtanovskaya, O.Gaman-Golutvina, Zh.T. Toschenko, N.N. Kradin, V. Shlyapentokh, et al.), revival of cultural programs from the past of Russia attracted attention of culturologists and historians (A.L. Yanov, V.P. Buldakov, A.Ya. Fliyer, A.V. Kostina, V.M. Khachaturyan, et al.), philosophers analyze common social processes of society’s regress to past (A.S. Akhiezer, V.G. Fedotova, I.G. Yakovenko, L.V. Polyakov, Ch.K. Lamazhaa, et al.).

Project presents review of some concepts, list of works as well as full texts of some authors (in Russian).


Concepts of neotraditionalism


Dramatic changes in the nature of society, ventures to change worldview of people accompany modernization process and prompt people to address the traditions as a way to escape the crisis of life.

Process of globalization and accompanying trends are confronted by the process of renaissance of ethnocultures and ethnic identification. Neotraditionalism is tightly concatenated with the ways of prevalence of traditions under modern conditions.

Among the eminent researchers of neotraditionalism we can emphasize the foreign social philosophers (T. Parsons, S. Eisenstadt, P. Sztompka) as well as Russian authors (E.A. Pain, L.D. Gudkov, V.P. Lyubin, G.I. Zvereva, A.N. Mochkin, A.I. Pika, A.B. Goffman, A.P. Gudyma, et al.). Number of fascinating works about sociocultural neotraditionalism should be denoted (E.N. Nikolaeva, O.V. Ryabov, A.A. Magomedova, M.yu. Smirnov, Yu.V. Popkov, E.A. Tyugashev, S.A. Madyukova, L.V. Anzhiganova et al.).

Project presents review of some concepts, list of works as well as full texts of some authors (in Russian).

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